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Optical Fiber Patch Cord
Fiber Optic Adapter
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Maliyet Yeterli Üretim

ISO 9001 standardına uygun iyi düzenlenmiş üretim hattı, herkesin eğitimden sonra görevde kalmasına izin verilebilir.

Tek Duraklı İmalat

Quawin şu anda dizüstü bilgisayar pilleri ve şarj cihazları, cep telefonu bataryaları ve şarj cihazları, DC / DV batarya ve şarj cihazları ve Bluetooth cihazları gibi binlerce ürünü bastırıyor.

Company strictly enforce the ISO9001 quality management system, companies with good facilities and qualified human resources management to ensure product quality stability and excellent performance; 



In order to maintain product performance and stability, and to achieve the level of the industrial standard, we execute incoming quality control, in-process quality control, and outgoing quality as the core processes of our quality system.


1.Incoming quality control:

  • Inspection of all incoming direct and indirect materials;
  • Adopt AQL 0.65 level II sampling plan for incoming material inspections;
  • Conduct sampling plan based on historical quality records;
  • On-site audits of all suppliers.

2.In-process quality control:

  • Real time process control for defective distribution;

  • Statistical process for control defective rates ;

  • Analyze first production quantity and quality to identify and evaluate process trend;

  • Unscheduled production line audit for continuous improvement.

3.Outgoing quality Control:

  • Adopt AQL 0.65 level II sampling plan to audit finished good products to ensure quality level up to specification;

  • Conduct system audit based upon production flow chart;

  • Storage database for all finished good products.

4.Reliability Test:

  • Perform reliability tests according to the quality standard for each product type and customers’ requirements;

  • Typical test processes include: inspect IL, inspect RL, changeability, ferrule end-face, vibration, tensile strength, low/high temperature cycling tests.